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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Erina Tyrepower offer Nitrogen inflation of tyres for your passenger car, 4WD, SUV or light truck. Located in Erina, we service those in the surrounding suburbs, including Terrigal, Wamberal, Holgate and Springfield.

There are several benefits associated with Nitrogen tyre inflation which aim to improve the life, performance and safety of your tyres.


Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure

Nitrogen is a larger molecule than Oxygen and leaks through the tyre rubber at a slower rate. This means Nitrogen inflation can maintain the tyre pressure 35% – 55% better than compressed dry air.

Improved Fuel Economy

Low tyre pressure deforms the tyre and increases tyre friction with the road surface. This can affect fuel economy by 3-5%. Maintaining correct tyre pressure will improve fuel economy.

Extended Tyre Life

Tyre pressure that is too high or too low deforms the tyre, resulting in reduced tyre life. Maintaining correct tyre pressure will ensure the tyre is shaped correctly to optimise performance and maximise tyre life.

Reduced Wheel Corrosion

Nitrogen filling systems deliver 100% dry Nitrogen into the tyre. Normal air has water vapour and oxygen that promote corrosion. Removing all oxygen and moisture from the inside of the tyre and rim reduces corrosion.

Call in and see us at 22 Aston Road, Erina, or give us a call on (02) 4365 1707 to find out more about our Nitrogen tyre inflation service.

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